Payment of the publishing fee for the NIFS member’s research article
(publishing cost for research report)

Please follow the instructions as below. If the NIFS member (research educational staff, part-time researchers, graduate students, etc. *1, *2) publishes the research article in the institute journal as the first author and wishes for the submission fee and the expenses for reprints to be paid for by NIFS (Library Publishing Committee).

  • Please register in the NAIS article information system when you publish the research article.
  • The Library Publishing Committee will pay the basic submission fee (not including the additional fee for open access (*3) and for the additional reprint of 100 copies only.
  • Please submit the form for the explanation of why additional reprints over the limit are necessary to the Library Publishing Committee.
  • Please submit the explanation form to the Library, publishing committee, if it’s necessary to publish the article in the open access journal. (except Plasma and Fusion Research)
  • The charge for color may not be paid if is considered to be expensive. (*5). If it is possible to use black and white printing, please chose black and white printing. Please submit the explanation to the Library Publishing Committee if the high-priced color charge is necessary.
  • The Library Publishing Committee will screen item No. 3~5 (above) within the budget and inform you whether or not the expense will be paid.
  • English-language proofreading cost cannot be paid. (except Plasma and Fusion Research)
  • When you receive the invoice for your publication, if the reprinting charge included, please visit "検収センター(kenshu-center) (Inspection center)" for inspection and submit one set of reprints with the date and your signature to the Academic Information Section.
  • The reprints of the article submitted to the Academic Information Section will be on file at the library as a NIFS researcher’s achievement after the document is processed by the accounting department.

*1)If a graduate student (a SOKENDAI student, a graduate student of a cooperating university, a special collaborative researcher, a researcher working as an intern) is the first author, the supervisor must be included as the co-author. Also, it must be indicated in the Acknowledgements that the research has been conducted at NIFS. The budget code number must also be provided.

*2)The article paper that is written by the graduate student and COE staff must be published before graduation or within one year after the graduation or completion. The supervisor at NIFS must be included as a co-author. Also, it must be indicated in the Acknowledgements that the research has been conducted at NIFS. The budget code number must also be provided.

*3)It is permissible to publish an open access article or to publish in an open access journal. If the additional cost of open-access can be distinguished from the regular submission fee on the quotation sheet or the invoice at the journal other than open access journal, the difference can be paid by KAKENHI. Please contact the Academic Information Section for the details.

*4)"The open-access journal" refers to a journal in which all the articles are open-access. If the journal provides selection of open access or not open access, the journal is not recognized as an open access journal.

*5)If the color printing charge exceeds the budget of approximately \200,000, NIFS may ask the applicant to use other research funding.

July 15th, 2015
April 19th, 2017 revised
Library Publishing Committee