At our institute, the number of journal titles contracted is decreasing due to budget cuts and soaring prices for foreign journals. However, we believe that it is essential to refer to papers when advancing research activities. Therefore, NIFS (including SOKENDAI and NINS contracts) has decided to pay some of the pay per view (*1) costs e-journals not contracted from the library's budget. If a staff member wishes to use PPV with a reserved budget, please follow the instructions below.


                                                              When the library staff purchases the paper

 1. After confirming the abstract of the article that the inquirer wants to obtain from the e-journal, the applicant should e-mail information to the library about the article (author name, article title, journal name, volume number, year, page, or DOI)
 2. When the applicant receives a message from the library that preparations for downloading the article are complete, he/she should go to the library.
 3. The library staff will download the article, encrypt it in ZIP format, save it in an external storage device(*2) (hereafter referred to as ESD), and send it to the claimant. In addition, the decompression password for a separately encrypted ZIP file will be sent to the supplicant by e-mail.
 4. The aspirant downloads the article from the ESD to his/her personal computer or the like, and returns the ESD to the library(*3).
        *1 PPV(pay- per-view):A method of using electronic journals by paying a fee for each article.
   *2 When the library staff provides the applicant with an external storage device, it will be set to write-protected.
   *3 After returning the ESD, the library staff will promptly delete the PDF files of the papers on the terminals in the library and
                  on the ESD.


 When the user requests reimbursement of pay-per-view costs from the library after purchasing the paper

 1.Before purchasing, print a screen displaying the amount. ①
 2.Download the paper.
 3.Bring the first page of your printed paper to the Purchase Validation Section. ②
 4.Submit the following documents to the library.


  papers ① and ②
  Printed receipt (found on purchase history page, etc.)
  Credit card statement (black out unnecessary parts)


・Library staff will suggest if the article is available in other ways (ILL or institutional repositories).
 They will also, check the content of the paper in the abstract to avoid unnecessary spending
・For fair use, we will divide the budget allocated for the fiscal year by the number of researchers, calculate the number of papers available per person, and notify him/her at the beginning of the fiscal year.
・E-journals subscribed to by NIFS are not covered by PPV.
・You can check an e-journal subscription status from the library website (https://library.nifs.ac.jp/ejournals).


Contact:Research Support Division (NIFS Library)


extension:2073, 2047