• To make your article Open Access immediately, usually you have to pay the publication cost (Article Processing Charges; APC).
  • Some publishers offer a discount on APC as a part of NIFS (including SOKENDAI) institutional subscription. This page gives you the details about it.


  • Only NIFS affiliated persons (faculties, staff, and SOKENDAI students) can apply for these discounts below.
  • Other publishers currently don’t offer a discount on APC for NIFS institutional subscription.
  • If you have any questions about the procedure to apply for discount services, please directly contact each publisher.
  • If you know of any discounts that are not listed on this page, please let us know.



Target Physics of Plasmas
Conditions Subscribe to Open (S20) program, all APC charges for 2024 articles are now waived, and all the content published in 2024 remains OA in perpetuity.
Discount rate 100%



Target A peer-reviewed article in the field of High Energy Physics with the following journal:
・Physical Review Letters (APS)
Condition Under the SCOAP3 project, peer-reviewed articles in the field of HEP published in the above-mentioned eligible journal will be made available as open access articles on the publisher platform and the SCOAP3 repository.
Discount rate 100%



All titles (Hybrid and OA journals)
The main author is a faculty member and student at SOKENDAI, a researcher at Fundamental Institutions
Discount rate 100%