Support for article submission fees

May 22, 2024, Revised
Academic Planning Committee

When NIFS staff members (research and education staff, part-time researchers, graduate students, etc. (Note 1, Note 2)) submit a research paper to an academic journal as the first author, they are allowed to assistance with submission fees. If you wish to receive this support, please check the following points.


    • 1. In principle, the allowance for submission fees is limited to a maximum of 2,500 USD, with the remainder being borne
  •               by the author.
              2. In principle, we cannot cover reprint costs or color charges.

   How to make a request

      1. Email the application form and thesis manuscript to the library. After a prompt review by the Academic Planning Committee, we will respond to you as to whether or not support is available.

      2. Upload the accepted manuscript to NAIS (NIFS Article Information System). (Note 3)

      3. Sign the invoice and submit it to the library.

        Download the application form


*If the author is paying part of the cost, please ask the unit secretary to prepare a slip.

 For papers that are paid for in foreign currency, the library will calculate the amount, so please contact us.

      • NOTE 1  The applicant (SOKENDAI student, collaborative graduate student, special joint researcher, internship student) must be the first author and instructed by NIFS staff.

      • NOTE 2  Regarding academic papers related to research conducted by students and retired staff at NIFS, the research must be submitted within approximately one year after graduation, completion, or retirement. Further, it is necessary to mention that the research was conducted at NIFS and to refer to the budget code in the acknowledgments.

      • NOTE 3  In accordance with NIFS' open access policy, the accepted or published version of the document will be registered by the  library staff in the institutional repository.