What is OPAC?

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is a system for searching the Library’s collection through the internet.

In addition to searching the Library’s collection, OPAC has many other functions.

  1. 01.

    Searching the Library’s collection

    OPAC’s main function is searching the Library’s collection
    Also, many functions can be used from the search results.

  2. 02.

    Making a reservation

    If the book/journal you are looking for is currently checked out, you may make a reservation for that book/journal.

  3. 03.

    Searching the documents in other library

    Using OPAC can search the documents in other library.
    Some of the library can be entered and loan of the books or documents.

  4. 04.

    Making photocopy of the documents/article. Borrowing books/articles

    ILL (Inter Library Loan = Lending and Borrowing between the libraries) is one of the library services.
    You may order any books/journals from other libraries in Japan.
    You may also request a photocopy of a journal/article from other library in Japan.

Regarding the password

In order to use all of the functions of OPAC, Users require password for OPAC. If you have the NIFS ID Card or NIFS library card, please bring the card to the check-in counter in order to confirm your password.

For changing your password, please refer to “Changing ID and Password.”

  1. 01.

    How to log in:

    OPAC’S main function is searching the collection of books in the library.
    Also, many functions can be used from the search results.

    Click the 「log in」on the upper left of the OPAC’s top page.

    Please follow the instructions and enter your「user ID」and your「password」

    The menu will appear and will show several functions.

  2. 02.

    Rental status update

    You can check your current rental list.You also can extend the rental period of your books or journals.
    Ordering the books or journals, and checking the status of your reservation.

  3. 03.

    Rental history update

    Your rental history list can be viewed.

  4. 04.

    ILL request update

    Your ILL request status can be viewed. Please refer to “Borrowing from other libraries” for more details.

  5. 05.

    Searching at the on-line database.

    The database can be searched and used.

How to change your OPAC ID and password

Please follow the instructions below in order to change your OPAC ID and password.

If you know your OPAC ID and password and wish to change them, please follow the instruction below.

  1. 01.

    From the Library web site, click “NIFS OPAC” or “OPAC log in.”

  2. 02.

    Please use your OPAC ID and password to log in to the OPAC system.

  3. 03.

    Click “Change Password”

  4. 04.

    Change the user ID and the password

    Enter the new password and click “renew.”

    Note: Please type using the English alphabet. Symbols and special characters cannot be used. Please choose a password which contains more than 8 letters.

  5. 05.

    05. After renewing your ID and password, please confirm your new ID and password.

    click the log-out button on your computer screen to end your program/change of ID and password.