Regarding the payment of the submission fee for the collaboration research article

(International collaboration research, etc.)

In principle, the payment shall be paid by the affiliated institution of the first author. However, please submit the application form before posting the article to the Academic Information Section if you have an unavoidable reason.
The Library・Publishing Committee’s Publication Division will screen the application form promptly and inform the applicant of the advisability before posting the article. Please download the application form from: [Application Form(Word)]

Further, the following requirements must be met in order to submit the application form.

  • A NIFS’ member must be included among the co-authors.
  • The lead author must write the collaboration research project name and subject number.

Process after publication

  • The host researcher must enter the information regarding the published article into the NAIS Article Information System.
  • Please have the lead author and the NIFS’ co-author sign the delivery slip (the invoice if you do not have delivery slip) and submit the document to the Academic Information Section immediately.

If the first author has already returned to their country, the signature of NIFS’ co-author will be accepted.If you order additional reprints, please submit one reprint to the Academic Information Section.