Comprehensive Nuclear Materials


by Elsevier

原子力材料全書 全5巻 核物質に関する最新の知見を網羅 ※図書室に冊子もあります。

Critically reviews the major classes and functions of materials, supporting the selection, assessment, validation and engineering of materials in extreme nuclear environment. *There are booklets in the library.

  • Vol.1 : Basic Aspects of Radiation Effects in Solids/Basic Aspects of Multi-Scale Modeling
  • Vol.2 : Material Properties/Oxide Fuels for Light Water Reactors and Fast Neutron Reactors
  • Vol.3 : Advanced Fuels/Fuel Cladding/Nuclear Fuel Performance Modeling and Simulation
  • Vol.4 : Radiation Effects in Structural and Functional Materials for Fission and Fusion Reactors
  • Vol.5 : Material Performance and Corrosion/Waste Materials
Earth and Environmental Sciences


by Elsevier


Encyclopedia of Earth and Environmental Science fields.

Purchased by National Institute of Polar Research

Earth and Planetary Sciences


by Elsevier


Reference books on Earth and Planetary Science. Title list

Purchased by National Institute of Polar Research

European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics

EPS Plasma Physicsの会議録一覧

Proceedings of the EPS Conference on Plasma Physics. *A booklet or CD-ROM is in the library

IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Proceedings

IAEAの会議録 1998-2006までは冊子もしくはCD-ROMも所蔵しています。

Proceedings of the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference. *A booklet or CD-ROM between 17th (1998) to 21th (2006) in the library.

JPS Conference Proceedings


by Physical Society of Japan


JPS provieds a fast publication of proceedings of an international conference, workshop, summer school or symposium.

Maruzen eBook Library
by Maruzen

丸善が提供する学術機関向けの和書eBook タイトルリスト

  MeL利用案内【改訂版】.pdf  MeL利用上の注意事項(2022年4月版).pdf


*Those books are written for academic institutions in Japanese .

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Oxford Scholarship Online


Oxford University Press が提供する e-Books そのうち、2010-2012収録年のもの約1,100冊 タイトルリスト

Oxford Scholarship Online offers access to thousands of academic works from the celebrated scholarly list of Oxford University Press, covering subjects across the humanities, social sciences, sciences, medicine, and law. Approximately, 1,100 titles of 2010-2012 collection years. Title list

(Purchased by SOKENDAI)

ProQuest Ebook Central


NIFS purchased the following five titles. *There is a booklet other than (4) in the library.

Springer eBooks


Books published from 2005 are available. The following three series are available from the first number.

シュプリンガー・ブック・アーカイブ(1840年~現在までに出版された図書のe-Book)のうちPhysics & Astronomy(物理学・天文学)コレクションが利用できます。

The Physics & Astronomy collection in the Springer Book Archive (e-books which have been published from 1840 to 2004) are available.

Purchased by SOKENDAI, JAXA, and KEK

Wiley Online Library




Laboratory Astrochemistry (JAXA購入)

Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics 111冊 (統数研購入)


Upper Atmosphere Dynamics and Energetics (極地研購入)


The list of books which the NIFS library has purchased is here; Title list

Research fields bestsellers (Purchased by SOKENDAI)

2010 Social Sciences & Humanities(Purchased by SOKENDAI)

Laboratory Astrochemistry (Purchased by JAXA)

Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics  (Purchased by The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)

The list of the books which the JAXA library has purchased is here; Title list

Upper Atmosphere Dynamics and Energetics (Purchased by National Institute of Polar Research)

World Scientific Publishing Co.

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Here is the list of books which NIFS purchased (67 books): Title List *You can search through the NIFS OPAC, too.