Submission fee for publishing a journal article

Extract the public offering invitation of research collaboration for the year 2018 October 22, 2018 revised

NIFS will pay the article submission fee when collaboration researchers will publish collaboration research.
As a condition, specify that the research is collaboration with NIFS and include budget number in the acknowledgments. The NIFS researcher or the NIFS student (including special collaboration researchers) must be included by the co-author. Furthermore, please note that NIFS may decline the payment if the cost exceeds the original budget.
Application in advance was changed from the payment requirement in October 2018. However, we recommend that the applicant apply in advance in order to confirm the budget and the acknowledgments, and other information.

  • The submission fee and the English-language proofreading fee for contributing an article to the Plasma & Fusion Research electronic journal.
    If you wish to contribute an article to the Plasma & Fusion Research electronic journal, NIFS will pay the full submission fee and the English-language proofreading fee from within the NIFS budget.
  • Submission fee for the research article to be published in a journal other than Plasma and Fusion Research. NIFS will pay the full submission fee with the following restrictions.
    • The charge for color may not be paid if is considered to be expensive.
      If it is possible to use black and white printing, please chose black and white printing. Please submit the explanation to the Library Publishing Committee if the high-priced color charge is necessary.(exceeds the budget of approximately ¥200,000)
    • Submission fee only; additional reprints are not included.
    • Additional cost for open access is not included.
    • Submission fee for an open access journal(*1) might not be paid.
    • The Cost for English-language proofreading is not included.

    *1 "The open-access journal" refers to a journal in which all the articles are open-access. If the journal provides selection of open access or not open access, the journal is not recognized as an open access journal.

  • Payment procedure in this system.
    • Application
      Please submit the article and the application form to the Department of Administration Research Support Section Academic Information Section (hereinafter referred to as Academic Information Section). Library Publishing Committee’s specialized publishing section will screen the article promptly and inform of the advisability of the submission fee support. The application form is available on the Library website (https://library.nifs.ac.jp) at [Financial support for article publication].
    • Submission of Payment Documents
      Please submit the quotation, invoice, and delivery slip, or the invoice to the Academic Information Section promptly.
      • The delivery slip or the invoice should have the date of delivery and the recipient’s signature.
      • If a reprint is included in the submission fee, one set of reprints inspected by your affiliation is necessary.
      • Please write “National Institute for Fusion Science” as the payer. NIFS will make the payment.
    • After filling out the article information on NAIS (NIFS Article Information System)
      (https://article.nifs.ac.jp/article/center), please click “Registration” to confirm that your registration has been completed.

Please contact the Academic Information Section (ex. 2047 email: 論文掲載料 支払い方法) for questions regarding payment.